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SM Blog 6.22.14 on a Scout is Clean…

“A Scout is Clean…”

Today follows one of great adventure. An adventure that carried families to a far south location on the edge of land. The transport was filled with not one seat available and the weather was flawless. Our day started with a reminder that courtesy will always shine over the actions of those that wish darkness upon your day. The Scout Master of us all took action and provided a day of glory and rejoice. We traveled with thirty members and spent our day in the Sun, Sand and Waters of the Pacific.

Scouts were exposed to so many elements of society that we were all exhausted on the way home. Ultimately every person who joined us safely made their way home. What a way to spend the first day of summer…

Well, some things came to the surface that will be on our list to work on. Let me share this observation… As ASM Bore and I walked along the Santa Monica Pier we had multiple opportunities to do a good turn. One of those was to take a picture for a couple that was very honest and asked if we were going to run off with their camera. Mr. Bore pointed to my shirt and said “no we are Scout Leaders”, not something we could ever consider to do. After clicking a few pictures off the gentleman let us know that he is an Eagle Scout from 1960 at which he was 14 years old. Who would of thought? As we continued to walk we noticed some of the most well- dressed people you would ever meet. I had a reservation with most of them…

As we move through this adventure of life we are witness to many things we must discern. A Scout Law that came to mind is the one of a Scout is Clean. During our walk Mr. Bore and I passed many street performers. They were musical, magical and full of hope. Amazingly these individuals did not peak my concerns of a Scout is clean considering many had tattered clothes, sun damaged skin and were in desperate need of bathing. It was the people we passed along the pier that were dressed so fancy and seemed so civilized.

Many could have served well to be involved in Scouting and to live the law of “a Scout is clean.”

Lord Robert Baden Powell gave light to the concept of core values reminding us the content not the cover that defines our character. No matter how you dress or decorate a person, the spoken word will always paint a clear picture.

A picture is worth a thousand words and one foul word or phrase will destroy the perception of any sense of cleanliness. Simply put… We are as we speak in the eyes of others… so ask yourself this question. If someone is around your discussion with their eyes closed… what would you look like in their minds eye? A Scout is Clean… are you?

What are you doing tomorrow?

Well, if you haven’t already heard, Troop 111 has been invited to provide food and fun at this year’s Open House event at the Antelope Valley Resource Conservation District Nursery ( from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. We will be serving eggs, sausage, and coffee cake for breakfast, as well as Hot Dogs, Nachos, Iced Coffee and Ice Cold Flavored Lemonade for lunch! You can take a ride on the Orbitron, and pick up a couple of paracord bracelets or keychains for life’s little emergencies! Come out and see us! See you there!!!

Menu and Price List – 05032014

Make Sure you Bring the paperwork for Camporee

Hello all our Scouters of Troop 111!!!

We have some registering to do…

For all the participants at this years Camporee at Jubilee we need to get our package together. Please go to this link: AV Camporee 2014 Registration Packet
You need to make sure and fill out the Medical forms A and B for your Scout and for any Adult that plans to attend.

We need the YPT certificate for all Adults attending.

We need all the Scout authorization and release to firearms forms filled out and turned in as well.

We need $15 cash for each Participant as well for registration.

Thank you to everyone for making AV Troop 111 the place to learn, live and stand for the belief that… “YaGODawannadoit” to succeed.

See everyone on Thursday!!!


A couple dates to remember!!!

Are you working your way to Camp this summer?

Well here are a couple dates to remember.

First on Friday and Saturday March 21-22nd 2014 we are going to have  an opportunity to take the Obritron out to the LA County air show from 9am to 5pm. We will need all hands on deck for this function to be financially beneficial to all. More information to come.

Second we have tentative confirmation to take the Orbitron to the AV Children’s Center on Saturday April 5th to work from 10 am to 1pm. We will be compensated for bringing out the ride and also have an opportunity to sell items for fundraising as well.

Next we are checking into a couple dates to have Breakfast served by AV Troop 111 at Applebees. This is a 2 hr Breakfast that will have huge returns for our efforts.  Angie is working diligently to schedule some dates in May close to Mother’s day for this event.

So hang on tight and get ready to earn your way to Camp Whittset this summer!