AV Troop 111 First Overnight weekend at Deer Lodge Tweedy Lake

January 3-5, 2014

The First overnighter of AV TROOP 111 

Observations of the Scout Master

From the conception of Troop 111 there was the hope to launch a unit that would embrace the Spirit of Scouting. A goal to lay down the foundation for a legacy that would last for years to come. As the founders of a new Scouting unit we all had our apprehensions and aspirations. With all these ideas and goals floating around we had finally gathered the tools needed to start forming for the foundation of AV TROOP 111.

        For weeks the Troop had prepared for an overnight camp out at Tweedy Lake on the first weekend of the New Year. The Senior Patrol Scouts received the needed Troop Leadership Training (T.L.T) to provide a solid program for the remaining members of Troop. Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters along with the COR, CC, and Rank Advancement chair had provided all they could for this adventure to be a success. The Following is the recollections of Scout Master Brien Siemantel of the first Camp out adventures of AV TROOP 111…

My day had been a long one with running all over the antelope valley and getting the errands completed that had piled up for a few week at home. I had the whole family with me as we went down the list… at around 3:30 pm we finally walked through the door. Christian and I needed to meet up with the Troop by 5 pm at the AV Boys and Girls club to head out for our trip. Some scouts were already waiting and many showed up as we did. All in all we had the entire Troop together just short of our Quartermaster Jerimicah and our Scout Andrew P.

The first task after packing up the gear was to get the shopping done for the weekend. Off to Winco we went and from there the scouts split up into their patrols. Each patrol shopped with finances in mind and believe it or not… there was nutrition involved as well. The Hawks and Frontiersman were guided by the Troop Guide and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader as The SM and ASM’s decided to do a little shopping for themselves just in case. Thank goodness or we would have truly struggled through the weekend. Not that the scouts did not have enough food. Just some of it was for lack of a better word… unique. We will get to that later. Each patrol checked out and learned a great lesson about finances and communication. It seems the Patriot patrol was so kind to miscount $10 of their budget to the Frontiersman. A very successful trip to the store I would say.

With the shopping done it was time to hit the road for Tweedy Lake. I had been there once and felt confident I could find my way again so the decision to stay at the back of the convoy seemed logical. Oh my goodness am I glad I did. Sassy ASM and Eric found wings somehow and flew up to Tweedy as I watched their tail lights disappear into the darkness of the road ahead of me. Allan Miller was there too but I wouldn’t know because the road was dark and winding and the Leader of our Convoy was well on here way to becoming  a NHRA driver. I on the other hand was not so clear on the directions and was forced to turn around 10 miles past the turn off to Tweedy. Thank goodness for Trudy my trusty navigator app.  Unfortunately we arrived at the lodge after the gear had been unpacked. I think I was the only one that felt it was unfortunate though. There was no complaints from the Spl and senior patrol.

        A fire was started and the Scouts got right to work. All the food was stowed and the beds set up. They had come together to start brain storming on the calendar for the next 12 months. Not one looked ready to hit the sack just yet. Discussions took place, games played and the fired spent more time smoking than burning. The Scout Master has asked to tell a scary story… from off the cuff and some help from a couple scouts I can say it was not great but it did the job. As the clock ticked towards 10 pm it was time to retire. Surprisingly enough the scouts found the sleeping bags worth using and slowly quieted down and slip off to sleep. There was no schedule to get up considering this was our first outing. Interestingly the scouts jumped up at the crack of dawn and started cooking right away. I am not sure if they were hungry or just wanted to cook. The smell of Bacon, sausage, pancakes and the sort filled the lodge. I remember hearing of one scout that poured water straight into the bag of pancake mix… this led to the need to make a ton of pancakes. A few were made by special request by the SPL to have his extra gooey. Let it be noted that I do not think that request will come again too soon. He definitely got what he asked for. The Sm and ASM’s on the other hand enjoyed and flawless Dutch oven sausage, hash brown and egg creation put together by Sassy M!!! She was unfortunately called away for the morning but Oh we made sure to thank her when she returned. Oh my goodness we ate well… After morning clean up the Senior Patrol set up for the training and proceeded to bring all the Scouts of AV Troop 111 up to speed. Granted it was not the most exciting course to give but they pulled it off with great success. The SM even got the chance to hop in and get pushed around by the Troop during the willow in the wind exercise. I must admit I was not nervous at all. Truly amazing scouts we have in Troop. Know I must be honest by confessing that I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon nap in the hammock I set up outside the lodge while the Scouts finished up the training. Lunch was only a memory as all the scouts prepared the dinners they planned. The Adults put together a tasty Dutch-oven meal consisting of Red potatoes and pork loin steaks. As for the scouts there was Steak, Nachos and Dutch oven pizza by the senior patrol team. The senior patrol has some work to do… The Dutch oven is not an easy tool to master, but they are well on their way.

A Movie was put on and no one made it to the end. Also, not to be forgotten. Apparently a game of Mow was taught to the scouts of AV TROOP 111 and also banned the same night. I will have to find out more about this one.

Sunday morning came and the lodge was cleaned, the calendar was Completed up to September, the floors mopped and set straight before we left. Of course the SM had to get lost on the way out of Tweedy Lake, but ultimately everyone made it home safe and sound.

As for me… As a New Scoutmaster I have just one thing to say.

When all things are placed in front of you and all opportunities are available… as Scouts grow into strong men of society and the leaders sit back with the parents to send them on their way. It is the times like this weekend that remind us of the Motto… “YaGODawannadoit!!!”

As long as we stay focused on this motto and keep diligent towards success all things are possible. Especially when as Adult Leaders we sit on our hands just long enough and bite our lips just a little longer to allow for these boys to grow into men. Well most of us… The protective nature of a parent is very hard to control in an environment of a Scout run Program.

I am very Blessed to be allowed this opportunity and thank all of you for joining me on this journey.

God Bless

Brien Siemantel

SM Troop 111

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