Troop Re-Charter

Good morning Parents, Leaders, and Scouters!

As we are barreling into Christmas, and dealing with all the wonderful experiences that go along with it, we need to process our recharter with the Council to make sure all of our boys are registered.

The registration fees that are due from your family are as follows:

  •  Youth Registration: $24 each
  • Boys Life Magazine Subscription: $12
  • Adult Registration: $24 each

*** A physical copy of your non-expired YOUTH PROTECTION CERTIFICATE must accompany the registration fees.

*** You can login and complete your youth protection training by going to and creating or using your previous login.

You will also need to bring or complete a copy of the Medical Form A&B and the Troop Talent Release that can be downloaded here:

Please be sure to bring your

  • Registration Fees,
  • Youth Protection Certificates
  • Medical Forms
  • Talent Release Forms

… this Thursday, December 4th, 2014!!!

Thank you, and see you Thursday!

Its Christmas Parade Prep Time!!

Dear Troop 111 Families,

Our brothers in Pack 614 are doing prep work, and planning for their Christmas Parade Float this Sunday, November 30th at 1 pm. Pack 614 has been doing this for over 10 years, please try to set aside some time to come by the Boys and Girls Club and give them some feedback, and get onboard to give them a hand over the next six weeks to get the float ready. The more help they have, the better the float will be!

SM Blog 6.22.14 on a Scout is Clean…

“A Scout is Clean…”

Today follows one of great adventure. An adventure that carried families to a far south location on the edge of land. The transport was filled with not one seat available and the weather was flawless. Our day started with a reminder that courtesy will always shine over the actions of those that wish darkness upon your day. The Scout Master of us all took action and provided a day of glory and rejoice. We traveled with thirty members and spent our day in the Sun, Sand and Waters of the Pacific.

Scouts were exposed to so many elements of society that we were all exhausted on the way home. Ultimately every person who joined us safely made their way home. What a way to spend the first day of summer…

Well, some things came to the surface that will be on our list to work on. Let me share this observation… As ASM Bore and I walked along the Santa Monica Pier we had multiple opportunities to do a good turn. One of those was to take a picture for a couple that was very honest and asked if we were going to run off with their camera. Mr. Bore pointed to my shirt and said “no we are Scout Leaders”, not something we could ever consider to do. After clicking a few pictures off the gentleman let us know that he is an Eagle Scout from 1960 at which he was 14 years old. Who would of thought? As we continued to walk we noticed some of the most well- dressed people you would ever meet. I had a reservation with most of them…

As we move through this adventure of life we are witness to many things we must discern. A Scout Law that came to mind is the one of a Scout is Clean. During our walk Mr. Bore and I passed many street performers. They were musical, magical and full of hope. Amazingly these individuals did not peak my concerns of a Scout is clean considering many had tattered clothes, sun damaged skin and were in desperate need of bathing. It was the people we passed along the pier that were dressed so fancy and seemed so civilized.

Many could have served well to be involved in Scouting and to live the law of “a Scout is clean.”

Lord Robert Baden Powell gave light to the concept of core values reminding us the content not the cover that defines our character. No matter how you dress or decorate a person, the spoken word will always paint a clear picture.

A picture is worth a thousand words and one foul word or phrase will destroy the perception of any sense of cleanliness. Simply put… We are as we speak in the eyes of others… so ask yourself this question. If someone is around your discussion with their eyes closed… what would you look like in their minds eye? A Scout is Clean… are you?

limited seating for Beach Bus this Saturday!

Hello everyone,

A Bus has been reserved for Troop 111 for this Saturday.  We have a maximum of 47 seats. I will be making calls to everyone who signed up for this event to see which Scouts families would like to join us. The departureis at 8:30 am son be at City Park by the batting cages by 8am for our check in and head count. Remember the plan is to have the Scouts have a day at the beach, this means they will be doing what they do while the families get enjoy some time at the beach as well. If you are interested in joining us, Call me ASAP! ! !

Thanks for all you do,

SM Brien.  6614336957

Jethawks sleep over July 19th

We are preparing for the annual Jethawks sleep over on July 19th. This event will have scouts enjoy a night at the hanger with a sleepover on the field and a movie on the big screen monitor. The cost is $13 per individual and this is open to all scouts and family.

For more information follow this link:

Sign-ups and Money is due no later than July 17th Troop meeting. We will purchase the tickets on Friday the 18th and distribute at the Jet before the game. So come on out and Play ball… Scouting style!

Beach Bus 6/21/14

Welcome to the outing for this month. Troop 111 will take advantage of the Beach bus and enjoy a day at Santa Monica beach. The cost per individual is $6. Pack a sack lunch and drinks or bring money with you. the suggested amount is $15 to $20.

All scouts should bring the essentials needed for this outing. Sun screen, towel, etc. Pack a day pack to hold all items and remember you must were your class A down and back on the bus.

We must have a final count for this event by Thursday Troop Meeting.

PS – If family wishes to take advantage of this opportunity and join us we must have that information as well by Thursday to reserve a bus. This will be a Scout event so families please remember to be responsible for all siblings and items.

Please follow this link for more details:      Lancaster_2014 beach bus

What are you doing tomorrow?

Well, if you haven’t already heard, Troop 111 has been invited to provide food and fun at this year’s Open House event at the Antelope Valley Resource Conservation District Nursery ( from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. We will be serving eggs, sausage, and coffee cake for breakfast, as well as Hot Dogs, Nachos, Iced Coffee and Ice Cold Flavored Lemonade for lunch! You can take a ride on the Orbitron, and pick up a couple of paracord bracelets or keychains for life’s little emergencies! Come out and see us! See you there!!!

Menu and Price List – 05032014

Pancake Breakfast Tickets for the Nursery

Hi Scouters! If you have any of the pancake breakfast tickets remaining in your possession, please bring them to the Nursery Fundraiser on Saturday. We have the opportunity to get those sold this weekend! Don’t worry, we can get you more early next week so you can keep on selling them.

Reminder: AV Pack 614 Bridging Ceremony!

Just a reminder to all scouters, this Saturday evening is the Pack 614 Bridging Ceremony! Please come in your Class A uniform with your Merit Badge sash! Scoutmaster Brien has put a lot of work into this event, and we know that this will truly be a memorable event for the Scouts who are bridging over. Please check with your Patrol Leader to confirm the time and location for the event. See you there!

Troop Committee Meeting Tonight

Hello Scouters and Parents! This is just a reminder that there is a troop committee meeting tonight, April 3rd promptly at 7pm. Please bring any questions you might have, or issues you would like addressed to the committee. See you tonight!